Summer 2013

June 9th, 2013

A lot of things have happened in the past six months. My liege and I broke away from the Dread Gate Mercenary Alliance and started a new unit called Shadow Clan (originally a sub-unit of the DGMA). It is not an easy task, and it has had many ups and downs already, but I think we both agree it was the right decision.

Training has been going well, and Oroku and I have been working on a wonderful new fighting technique called measure. It consists of three dimensions: distance, time and line. The distance used for measure is half a step from the distance where you can hit your opponent. This is called the edge of measure. From here, you should be able to take half a step in and be in measure (able to hit your opponent. When you step into measure, the concept of time becomes important. As soon as you step into measure, you should be either striking or defending. We use the rule of three, a combination of three striking and defending actions, before you should step back out of measure in order to to stay in control of the fight. The final important concept in measure is line. If you are fighting with a shield, the center of your shield should always be pointed at your opponent’s weapon. For best results, your body should also be facing at an angle to the direction their body is facing.

Looking to the future, I will be attending War of Forbidding this weekend, and I hope to have my Mountain Mercenaries belt flag finished before then, and if I can access my weapon-making supplies, I will finish two new sword. Before I attend Chaos Wars in August, budget permitting, I would like to have a portable dance floor, so I can show people how we Irish get our jig on.