The Path (archived)

As a follower of The Path, I value myself as a whole person, and not just as a warrior. As a representative of others and myself on The Path, I am committed to virtue and chivalry in everything that I do. I strive to be the best version of myself in all aspects of my life, and I promise to always live as is expected of me by myself and my brothers and sisters on The Path.
The Code
  • You will learn and adhere to the principles of chivalry at all times.
    • You must support others along the path, no matter their title or rank.
    • Respect orders given to you by higher ranking, titled fighters.
  • Respect your body.
  • Your knight may remove your status at anytime, if they see fit.
  • Own a Book of War and bring it to every practice.
  • Keep current with all Book of War standards.

Tasks for Pageship

  1. Accept any and all fighting challenges from anyone in the Chivalry.
  2. Attend to your liege as they see fit.
  3. Give instruction where appropriate.
  4. Keep a written log of your training.
  5. Obtain and maintain enough weapons and garb for yourself and another.
  6. Volunteer at a national event.
  7.  Construct a simple grey tunic, tabard, or surcoat as your display of rank. The garment is to be unadorned and kept clean and neat.
Tasks for Squireship
  1. You will be assigned tasks not included on this list as your knight sees fit.
  2. Recite the Oath of The Path every morning and night of your squireship. (Don’t panic if you forget, just remember to do it the next day.)
  3. Be able to teach a reasonable person the necessities of fighting (Points system and 5 basic shots) within 5 minutes.
  4. Throughout your squireship, you must choose pieces of media to review and write a report on. Explain the pieces relevance, what you learned, and why others should read it.
  5. Maintain and use 3 different weapon styles at every practice. You may choose the weapons with which you train. The Path does not consider the quarterstaff to be a knightly weapon.
  6. Show a reasonable level of volunteerism at events. This can include event coordination, setup/take down, weapon checking, running tournaments etc.
  7. At an event, you must provide a meal for a group, such as a house, a group of knights, a unit, etc., at an event.
  8. Herald at a national event, and provide your own herald tabard.
  9. Check weapons at an event.
  10. Coordinate and host a non-combatant event.
  11. Own enough garb to wear a different outfit each day of Chaos and do so.
  12. Attend at least ten events during squireship, including two pilgrimages to two national events (Armageddon and/or Chaos Wars).
  13. Maintain a personal armory with the weapons for five fighters.
  14. Understand and/or pursue knighthood in another medieval combat society.
  15. You and your knight will choose one ceremonial warrior challenge to be performed the week of your knighting.
  16. Attend thirteen (13) events during your time as a squire.
  17. Determine your own heraldry.
  18. Wear your knight’s heraldry until your own knighting.
  19. Take at least one student who will be your page.
  20. Have a prioritized list of your duties, including duties outside of Belegarth.
  21. Have a back-story for your persona in Belegarth.
  22. Learn a new non-combatant skill that can be applied to Belegarth.
  23. Have an expense account for Belegarth.
  24. Write and memorize a healing poem.
  25. As your final combat task as a squire, you must complete the knight’s trial at an inter-realm event. In this challenge, you must fight everyone on the path of chivalry present once, matching their weapons style. 

Page Challenge-
 At the first practice of every month you will fight all fighters on the journey to knighthood present and fight each one five times. These are for learning. Get good feedback on what they see and how you can improve

Squire Challenge-
At the first practice of every month you will fight all fighters on the journey to knighthood present until you are victorious against each. Film all or a portion of these fights and solicit feedback from those fighters about your progress. 

Knights Challenge
Prior to your knighting you must fight twenty different fighters ten times each and videotape all fights. These fights must happen at events and the fighters must not be from your realm. This challenge can commence upon your becoming a squire.

Knights Trial-
Fight all on the journey to knighthood present and match their fighting style. At the end of the trial the accolade of knighthood will be requested from all present. Following the accolade the fighter will sit vigil until sunrise. A semi-private knighting ceremony will follow the vigil with public ceremony if desired to follow later in the day.