Valkyrie Tunic

When I came back to the society in August, I was eager to clothe and arm myself as soon as possible, not to mention I had a lot of pent up creative energy. My return also coincided with the passing of my now late grandma, who happened to be an avid seamstress. It was bittersweet sorting through her mountains of fabric, but it makes my heart happy to bring a bit of my grandma into the society that I love so much. I know it would make her happy, too.

Moral of the story, I have a pile of fabrics to have fun with. I busted out my first kit – tunic, pants, and a hood – in only a week.

I made the tunic in House Valkyrie colors, and I mostly love how it turned out.

My apologies for the blurry picture, but here she is in all her glory. The purple is a pretty cheap cotton blend, and I used bias tape for the trim. I tried cutting bias tape triangles for the tricky corners, and it’s not something I’ll be doing it again. The finished trim is kind of messy.

Overall, I love this tunic and it has become my primary fighting tunic. It is light, comfortable, well- fitted, and it looks cool. I’m pleased with hope the arm holes turned out, though the neck hole could’ve been narrower. I struggle with neck holes. Something I’ll keep in mind for the future. As always, I used my favorite pointed tails, shorter in the front and longer in the back, which just looks cool. Eventually, I will embroider the symbol for House Valkyries on the chest, but it’s low on the project priority list right now.

Here it is with the drawstring pants I made with more fabric from my grandma’s collection. I’ll talk about those in a later post.

Thank you for reading! As always, feel free to hit me up with questions, comments, and requests. Until next time, have fun!


The 1st Tails Tunic

In a brash moment I knew I would eventually regret, I threw away all of my garb (and weapons), assuming I would never use them again. That is, all except for one. Just before my very long break, I made this tunic with the help of Sir Oroku and Master Anij (prior to reaching their full titles). I couldn’t stand to part with it, because of all the time and money I’d put into it.

I needed something warm for cool evening feasts, and I wasn’t satisfied with the selection of garb I could purchase. None of it really fit with my persona at the time (an Irish, landlubbing pirate half-fae). So, I decided to make something awesome. Thus, was born this black and green beauty.

It is constructed of an outer layer of canvas, an inner layer of stretchy cotton blend for warmth, and trimmed with double-fold bias tape. The materials rang up at about $100 from Walmart. It’s a pretty standard pattern seamed up the sides with tube sleeves. The fun comes in on the staggered, pointed tails, which are shorter in the front for unhindered legged fighting, and points in the tops of the sleeves.

The tails have since become my signature and I use them on all of my tunics. Since it was the only garb I had left, I had to fight in this for several outdoor practices this summer, and it was HOT. I’m glad that I have since made lighter garb and can relegate this tunic back to feast garb.

Nevertheless, I hope to get many more years of festive wear out of it. What do you think of the design? Do you have questions about it? What else do you think I should wear as an Irish raven fae? Have something you want me to review? Comment on this post, or send me a messenger raven! I would love to hear from you!